Colby Bettis

Colby Bettis

I believe it was born in me, in my blood so I don’t think it was a choice. Hunting has been my family core since before I could walk, so it would only be natural I would resonate with the love and respect of God’s great outdoors and especially the animals, that my family exemplified for me. I have watched and walked alongside my father as well as many other passionate men and women in this field, all who have taught me much. From the piney woods of east Texas, through the wilderness of Canada, to the mountains of Alaska, and the forests of Michigan, I am abundantly blessed with such a fertile foundation.

Never forced, the hunting industry was actually to some degree, discouraged as I got older. Go get a college education, my father use to tell me, so you can get a good job and afford to come hunt here not work here. I started down that road and I learned a lot in college. The greatest lesson learned was there’s more to that life than money. It was early on that I began to understand the answer to, before I knew the question, what was success for me. If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

In 1999 I made the transition from being connected to the hunting industry by blood to giving blood on a daily basis in the field trying to make a career of it. I have come to enjoy every aspect of the hunting industry, from the wildlife management to customer service to strategic business thinking. Over the years I have learned and performed at nearly every level of responsibility of a commercial hunting operation. In 2014 the seas of life got rough and as the song goes, it was tough to keep my eyes above the waves. It was at this time the knowledge gleaned in the past was going to be put into use as I took on a new challenge, along with the family, of starting the new operation Two Hats Ranch from the ground up.

God has gifted me with a family that allows me to have such a dream life. Their sacrifices are many and I couldn’t do this without my understanding wife, Lisa. She is my rock and support. My children Bodie, Jackson, and Clara will no doubt continue this legacy as they seem to so enjoy the facets and privilege of the ranching lifestyle.