Born in Houston, TX and raised in Humble, in the mid 60’s, of the last century, I had 30,000 acres of what would become Kingwood, a river and golf course in my backyard. A shotgun, rifle or golf clubs were my constant companions and I honed my skills at golf and hunting during my young teenage years in what would become two lifetime hobbies. Whether it was family property, a deer lease, or public hunting, I grew up outdoors and was raised with a keen respect for Mother Nature.

I met the love of my life, Lisa Bettis, in high school, married her shortly thereafter and remain happily married 42 years later. Neither of us realized what role her brother, Skipper Bettis would play in our future. My love of the great outdoors was matched and exceeded by Skipper’s and together we set out on a mission to hunt and explore North America. From spring bear in Canada to white wings in Mexico and most species and states in between we embarked on self-guided hunts on public land, learning valuable lessons along the way.

While being recruited for a sales position in the “oil patch” in 1978, I explained that as a Houston firefighter I didn’t make much money but I had enough to enjoy hunting, golf, spending time with the family, and pay the bills, to which he stated, you don’t understand, we’re hiring you to play golf and hunt and we’ll pay for it. I quickly reconsidered and began a 30-year career in the petroleum service industry, which gave me the opportunity to hunt some of the notable operations around the world. From Africa to Alaska my experiences have given me a better understanding of what a family member, friend or client is looking for in a hunting experience.

In 2008, while riding out a non-compete, Skipper called and so began another chapter. Guiding at Legends, and ultimately being involved in Two Hats, gives me an appreciation for how high the bar has been set in the hunting industry. I look forward to seeing you and your group at Two Hats Ranch soon.