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Read most any article about pulling off a successful offsite meeting and you will find topics like change of pace, find a creative location, plan a fun activity and spend exclusive time together. Let Two Hats Ranch help you and your group change the everyday ordinary hum drum meeting. Offering multiple room and seating options, we have the setting you have been looking for to host your next offsite meeting. Enjoy brainstorming in the Turnagain River Room next to the warm fireplace or see what inspiration Mother Nature has to offer your group and meet on the West Patio.

Let the Chef and his staff pay special attention to your culinary needs. From farm-raised venison hors d’oeuvres to homemade cheesecake, we strive to excel in every aspect of your visit.

When it’s time to break from the hard push of the meeting, you’re invited to step away and enjoy other countless offerings of Two Hats Ranch. Choose from a variety activity options offered to get you and your team out the chairs as you continue to establish and develop bonds on a completely different level than office memos and emails will ever get you. There are activities available on the ranch all year. From simply hiking the trails to participating in a concealed weapons course at the range taught by a licensed firearms instructor, outside lawn activity or shed hunting throughout the ranch, allow us to assist in developing a creative and effective team building activity tailored to your specific needs by using the natural and unique surroundings of Two Hats Ranch.

Whatever you choose to do, our goal is to provide an atmosphere to help you build trust, develop strength, enhance team communication as well as facilitate problem solving and decision making skills as well as other targeted areas to enhance production and efficiency of your team.


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