Managers Hunt

4 Days, 1 or 2 Hunters, 1 Guide

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Four Days One or Two Hunters One Guide Up to 180": These hunts are limited so call for availability.

Wildlife managers typically have a hard job, making tough decisions that will inevitably benefit the overall health and direction of the herd. On our Managers Hunt you will make those decisions, but they will not be tough! Head out with your guide in search of mature whitetail bucks that do not meet the high genetic standards desired to go into the breeding season at Two Hats Ranch. These bucks come in all shapes and sizes–some tall, some heavy, some wide, and some have lots of points, but all are great trophies! The result: A mature buck scoring up to 180” per hunter. The packages: One hunter with one guide $6,500, or two hunters with one guide $4,500 per hunter. Check out more photos on Flickr by clicking here.

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